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With over 30 years in the business, the Oklahoma Rubber & Gasket Company has been the entire state of Oklahoma’s go-to source for industrial rubber products, gaskets, and hoses. Our warehouse is fully stocked with a huge range of fittings, hoses, gaskets, and gasket materials for any application. With our excellent track record, extensive inventory, and high-quality products you’ll always have exactly what you need when you need it.

At Oklahoma Rubber & Gasket Company, we know that the quality of your product depends on the quality of ours. As suppliers of rubber components for industrial applications for over three decades, we know what it takes to keep up with the demanding standards and short turnaround in manufacturing. That’s why we have invested in the latest technology to keep up with your need for custom components and gaskets.

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Meet the Oklahoma Rubber & Gasket Co.

Founded over 30 years ago, the Oklahoma Rubber & Gasket Company is proud to have served the Tulsa area, Oklahoma as a whole, and parts of Kansas and Arkansas. While a lot has changed in the past three decades, we remain dedicated to friendly, customer-oriented service. Many of our employees have been with us since the early days, starting and growing along with the company. We know experience like ours is hard to beat, and we work tirelessly to live up to our hard-earned reputation for top-quality industrial rubber products.



Recent years have seen the development of new technologies that allow us to do our job quicker and more precisely. For example, we have gone from cutting gaskets by hand to using an Atom FlashCut 3015. This means we can turn around orders for our customers faster than ever before but at an unparalleled level of quality. No matter what new technologies come along to make our work better, we will always remain grounded in our down-to-earth Oklahoma roots because quality means nothing without customer service to match.



If you’re looking for a reliable, top-quality supplier for your industrial rubber products, get in touch! You can call us at (918) 585-3484 or fill out the form below and someone from our office will reach out within 24 hours.


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