These are a few of the products the Oklahoma Rubber & Gasket Company Specializes in. View our stock list for a more complete list.

Industrial Hoses

No matter your application, you want to know that your hoses will stand up to the stress and strain of continuous use. We provide hoses made from a wide array of materials custom cut to your specifications with the fittings you request.

Hydraulic Hoses

We are a supplier of Aeroquip Hose as well as various hydraulic fittings and adapters. We work on your timeline and can complete assemblies for pick-up or quick delivery.

Metal Hoses

Our high-quality braided stainless steel hoses are fabricated on site. Each hose is made to meet your requirements with your choice of fittings, from ½” to 6”, and your desired length.

Stainless Steel & Teflon-Lined Hoses

We are the only supplier of stainless steel and teflon-lined hoses in Oklahoma. We make these hoses to order, with the fittings necessary to meet your specifications.

Precision-Cut Gaskets

When you need high-quality, precision-cut gaskets, we can deliver. We use the latest cutting machines to create superb non-asbestos, spiral-wound gaskets that fit even the most demanding tolerances. With a wide variety of materials to choose from, we can create gaskets to fit your needs.

Rubber Sheeting

We supply an array of different rubber sheeting materials, such as Neoprene, Pure Gum, Red Rubber, Butyl, Viton EPDM, Silicone, and Sponge Rubber with and without adhesive, custom cut for your application.

Atom FlashCut 3015

The Atom FlashCut 3015 is a state-of-the-art, precision cutting machine. This device allows us to precisely cut gaskets at speeds an order of magnitude greater than cutting them by hand. While cutting gaskets by hand would produce only a few gaskets per hour, this computer-controlled machine produces hundreds. Thanks to the FlashCut 3015, the Oklahoma Rubber & Gasket Company is able to turn around large orders in no time.




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